1st International Workshop on

Pervasive Persuasive Systems for Behavior Change

(PerPersuasion 2019)

in conjunction with IEEE PerCom, 11-15, March 2019

Thank for coming!


Recently, the technologies for changing people’s attitudes or behaviors through persuasion and social influence are focused. It is called persuasive technology or persuasive system and is expected to contribute supporting productivity, well-being, and efficiency.

To realize an effective and appropriate intervention to the human behavior, various pervasive computing technologies such as a mobile sensing, activity recognition & prediction, and attention sensing have a quite important role.

In this workshop, we would like to have a deep and wide discussion with various researchers both from industry and academia. Especially, we would like to focus on the technological aspect as follows.

  • Mobile sensing technologies for persuasive system
  • Sensing technologies for internal states (emotion, stress)
  • Socially influencing persuasive systems
  • Supplemental system for persuasion
  • Experimental supplements
  • Computer-supported influence
  • Context-aware interrupting mechanism
  • Multimodal interaction
  • Persuasive dialog system
  • Just-in-time intervention/notification technologies
  • Gamification for enhancing the effect
  • Personalized persuasion
  • Design of unconscious persuasion
  • Design of feedback
  • Case studies in the real environment

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: November 10, 2018 => Extended to November 26, 2018
  • Notification: December 22, 2018
  • Camera-ready deadline: January 11, 2019
  • Workshop date: March 11, 2019 (update!)

Submission guidelines

Program (Monday, March 11)

Presentation: 20 min, Question: 8 min

13:15 - 13:30 Opening

Co-chair : Yutaka Arakawa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

13:30 - 15:00 Psychological persuasion

Chair: Yoshito Tobe (Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)

  • Pervasive Persuasion for Stress Self-Regulation

Yingding Wang, Nikolai Fischer and François Bry (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany)

  • Development of a Psychological-Behavioral Model of Behavioral Change

Takanobu Matsuura (Nihon University, Japan); Keita Sato (DENSO Corporation, Japan)

  • Facilitating Unmotivated Tasks Based on Affection for Virtual Pet

Kaori Fujinami (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)

15:30 - 17:00 Empirical research

Chair: Tadashi Okoshi (Keio University, Japan)

  • Design of Behavior Change Environment with Interactive Signage Having Active Talk Function

Zhihua Zhang, Yutaka Arakawa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan); Harri Oinas-Kukkonen (University of Oulu, Finland)

  • Preliminary Questionnaire-Based Study on Using Behaviour Change to Increase Tourism to Toyama

Yukitoshi Kashimoto, Masahito Terashita, Hiroki Ishizuka, Masato Taya, Arei Kobayashi (KDDI Resarch, Japan)

  • Design and Implementation of Notification Information Survey System and Survey Results Toward Use-side Adaptive Notification Management

Kenta Taki, Yuki Matsuda, Yutaka Arakawa, Keiichi Yasumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)



  • Mani Srivastava (UCLA, U.S.A.)
  • Yutaka Arakawa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Program committee:

  • Akane Sano (MIT Media Lab, U.S.A.)
  • Bharathan Balaji (Amazon, U.S.A.)
  • Bo-Jhang Ho (UCLA, U.S.A.)
  • Harri Oinas-Kukkonen (Oulu University, Finland)
  • Hiroki Ishizuka (KDDI Research, Japan)
  • Kai Kunze (Keio University, Japan)
  • Koichi Kise (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
  • Shoya Ishimaru (DFKI, Germany)
  • Tadashi Okoshi (Keio University, Japan)
  • Wolfgang Minker (Ulm University, Germany)
  • Yoshito Tobe (Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)
  • Yukitoshi Kashimoto (KDDI Research, Japan)

[Explanation of Photo]

Shishi-odoshi is a traditional gimmick used in a Japanese garden. It uses a water to swing a bamboo pendulum and generate a sound of rock. It was initially proposed for getting rid of harmful animals from farms.

Shishi-odoshi : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shishi-odoshi